The Healing Touch: A Mother’s Determination

In prehistoric Spain, million years ago, a mother's desperate search for a cure led to discovering the healing power of nature and the human touch.
Healing Touch Story Cover

Illustration by "Touch" by Leonardo AI

In a lush, tropical corner of what would one day be called Spain, the primates known as Homo antecessor thrived. The landscape was far from the dry plains and rugged mountains that would define the region in later millennia. The air was warm and thick with humidity, and the verdant forests teeming with life.

Homo antecessor, an extinct archaic human species, existed from 1.2 to 0.8 million years ago during the Early Pleistocene and has been discovered in the Spanish Sierra de Atapuerca. The Latin name Homo signifies ‘human’, while antecessor translates to ‘explorer,’ ‘pioneer,’ or ‘early settler.’

One such thriving community of Homo antecessor made their home in a riverside clearing surrounded by dense vegetation. The settlement was small, not more than a few dozen individuals. They were all members of the same extended family, and a constant struggle marked their lives for survival.

Hominid family

In the heart of this community lived a young mother named Tali and her son, Kiri. Tali was a fierce and resourceful woman known among her tribe for her keen intelligence and quick wit. Her son Kiri, barely six summers old, was her pride and joy. He was a curious and adventurous child, always eager to explore the world around him.

One day, while Tali was gathering berries with the other women of the tribe, Kiri wandered off, drawn by the fluttering of a brightly colored butterfly. He followed the insect deeper into the forest, away from his mother’s and their community’s safety.

Kiri stumbled upon a grove of strange, thick-stemmed plants with broad leaves and small, bright red berries. The berries looked like the ones the tribe often gathered, but something about these plants felt different to Kiri. As he reached out to pluck a berry, a sudden sharp pain pierced his palm. A thin, barbed vine was coiled around the base of the plant, and it had pierced Kiri’s skin. He cried out and stumbled back, clutching his hand.

Kiri in the jungle cover

Tears filled Kiri’s eyes as he stumbled back to the tribe, his hand throbbing with pain. By the time he reached his mother, his hand had begun to swell and turn a sickly shade of purple. Panic filled Tali’s heart as she examined the wound, knowing that the tribe’s knowledge of medicine was limited and that some injuries could prove fatal if left untreated.

Desperate to save her son, Tali turned to the tribe’s elder, Mara. Mara was a wise and knowledgeable woman, her once-dark hair now streaked with gray, her face lined with the wisdom of her years. She was the tribe’s healer, and her knowledge of the plants and animals surrounding them was unparalleled.

Mara examined Kiri’s hand, her eyes narrowing with concern. “The wound is from a poison vine,” she told Tali, her voice grave. “It is a dangerous plant, one that our people avoid. I have seen its effects before, and they are not pleasant. The poison will spread through Kiri’s body, bringing fever, pain, and death.”

Tali’s heart clenched with fear for her son, but she refused to give up hope. “There must be something we can do,” she insisted, her voice wavering slightly. “There must be a way to stop the poison.”

Mara sighed, her eyes filled with sadness. “I know of no cure for this poison, Tali,” she admitted. “But that does not mean one does not exist. The forest is vast, and there is much we do not know. Perhaps there is a plant, somewhere in this great expanse, that can counteract the poison’s effects.”

Determined to find a cure for her son, Tali set out into the forest, armed with little more than her knowledge of the plants and animals that called it home. She knew that finding a new plant with healing properties was a long shot, but she refused to let her son die without a fight.

Days turned into weeks as Tali searched the forest, leaving no stone unturned in her quest to save Kiri. Back at the tribe, Mara did her best to keep Kiri comfortable, but the boy’s condition worsened. His entire arm was swollen and discolored, and fever wracked his tiny body, leaving him weak and listless.

Tali’s heart ached every day that passed without a cure, but she refused to give up. She scoured the forest, searching for any plant that might hold the key to saving her son. Her perseverance was finally rewarded when she came across a small, unassuming plant with delicate white flowers and a thick, tuberous root.

Something about the plant called to Tali, and she carefully dug up the root, carrying it back to the tribe with a glimmer of hope in her heart. She presented the root to Mara, who examined it closely. The older woman’s eyes had a spark of recognition, and she nodded slowly. “This plant is rare, but I have seen it before,” she told Tali. “It is called the White Star, and its root is said to hold powerful healing properties.”

Hominid old woman cover

With no time to lose, Mara carefully prepared a poultice from the root, crushing it and mixing it with water to form a thick paste. She applied the poultice to Kiri’s swollen hand, wrapping it tightly with leaves to hold it in place. Then, all they could do was wait.

As Tali sat by her son’s side, she felt an inexplicable urge to place her hands on his body as if drawn by some unseen force. She gently laid her hands on Kiri’s arm above the swollen, discolored flesh. As she did so, she noticed a change in her son’s eyes. They communicated that the pressure of her hands on certain spots helped alleviate his pain. Guided by Kiri’s eyes and instincts, Tali carefully adjusted her touch, focusing on areas that seemed to bring him relief.

Hours passed, and Kiri’s fever began to subside. His breathing grew steadier, and the swelling in his hand slowly began to recede. Kiri was on the mend. By the time the sun rose the following day, it was clear that the combination of the White Star’s root and Tali’s touch had worked their magic.

Tali looked down at her hands with astonishment, tears welling in her eyes. She couldn’t explain how she had known where to touch Kiri or why her touch seemed to have played a role in his healing. But at that moment, she understood something profound had occurred beyond her understanding of the natural world.

Kiri’s recovery marked a turning point for the tribe as they began to explore the potential of the plants surrounding them and the power of their touch in even greater depth. Over time, the Homo antecessor developed a deeper understanding of the healing power of the forest and its bodies. The knowledge passed down through generations would form the foundation of modern medicine. Tali’s discovery of the White Star’s root and her intuitive use of touch were just the first steps in humanity’s long journey to harness the power of nature and its innate abilities to heal and protect themselves.

Hominid family in the jungle

And though the world would change beyond recognition over the next million years, Tali’s love and determination legacy would live on, a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the enduring bond between a mother and her child.



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by ivan roca


Bioqr™ is bioenergy-assisted immune treatment. A therapist uses his own bio-electromagnetic field to stimulate the patient’s immune system in a nonspecific and specific way. The stimulated immune system responds and “heals” the patient.

Bioqr™ therapy is a bioenergy treatment first developed in Eastern-Europe in the late 1960s as a modern, secular approach to traditional hands-on healing methods with biological and physical reasoning. Later, the method crossed Eastern-Europe to ex-Yugoslavia in the late 1970s’ where it has merged with similar methodologies and has been researched and applied as a complementary medical intervention. The founder of Biotherapy Asia, Ivan Roca, adapted these methodologies and cleared it from the folklore and unnecessary procedures, techniques, and philosophies. Bioqr™ method is a purely medical, highly structured bioenergy system that can be easily applied in a clinical or non-formal environment. The name of the method is Bioqr™ – Human Bioenergy Therapy.

Bioenergy is the energy dynamic observed within living organisms. Also, it is a scientific name that tries to encompass a very broad interdisciplinary area of research into the energy of a living organism. “Bios” is an Ancient Greek word meaning life, and energy is another Ancient Greek word, meaning activity, but here it signifies potential and possibility. Bioenergy has nothing to do with concepts like bioplasma, Chi, Qi, Ki, Prana, Universal energy, Life energy or Orgon.

Yes, with an electromyography device (EMG).

EMG is an electrodiagnostic medicine technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. EMG is performed using an instrument called an electromyograph to produce a record called an electromyogram. An electromyograph detects the electric potential generated by muscle cells when these cells are electrically or neurologically activated.

No. The therapy is successful even if a person does not believe in the biological effect of the immune system stimulation with the human bioenergy field, which is a result of ignorance and a lack of information.

The body response does not depend on our beliefs. It is an automatic and autonomic biological process.

A Bioqr™ therapist uses different hand positions and movements in combination with muscular tension and/or relaxation to stimulate the recipient’s immune system for his/her specific medical condition. Human endogenous bio-electromagnetic radiation interferes with the bioenergy processes of a diseased person to alter the metabolism and cause a body shock response that triggers the immune system activation in a specific and non-specific way.
Every movement has a different energetic signature so that the biotherapist can trigger an immune response in different tissues for different purposes. Immune response due to a “shock” to maintain homeostasis (check danger model of the immune system from Dr. Polly Matzinger), stimulates natural defenses.

A therapist uses muscular tension and relaxation to consciously send bioelectrical signaling (active potentials) of a higher or lower electromagnetic radiation intensity into the area of the hands. Propagation of the action potentials in the nerves and muscles produces a bio-electromagnetic field that radiates outside of the human body.

All the ‘manipulation’ processes occur automatically which is a completely natural process that is constantly taking place, but most of the time we are not aware of it. Bioenergy therapy is the application of natural energy processes and laws for awakening your own immune defenses, which due to a disharmonious way of life or due to some other factors (genetics, environment, etc.) become weakened or stop functioning entirely.

Learn HERE more.

Bioenergetics is the part of biochemistry concerned with the energy involved in making and breaking of chemical bonds in the molecules found in biological organisms. It can also be defined as the study of energy relationships and energy transformations and transductions in living organisms. The ability to harness energy from a variety of metabolic pathways is a property of all living organisms. Growth, development, anabolism, and catabolism are some of the central processes in the study of biological organisms because the role of energy is fundamental to such biological processes. Life is dependent on energy transformations; living organisms survive because of the exchange of energy between living tissues/ cells and the outside environment.

The essence of the biofield perspective is that a variety of endogenously generated electromagnetic and other fields act within and between multiple levels of biology, from molecular and cellular, through tissues and whole organisms to affect our personal and perhaps even our interpersonal functioning. The human body is a biofield.

Biofield science is an emerging field of study that aims to provide a scientific foundation for understanding the complex homeodynamic regulation of living systems. By furthering our scientific knowledge of the biofield, we arrive at a better understanding of the foundations of biology as well as the phenomena that have been described as “energy medicine.”
Biotherapy is biofield therapy.

Yes, bioenergy/energy therapy is nowadays practiced throughout the world and is called biofield therapy. New approaches in scientific research are slowly revealing the possible mechanism of bioenergy therapy. Many hospitals and medical centers are slowly starting to integrate bioenergy therapy to complement and support conventional medicine.


No, Bioqr™ therapy is complementary and supplementary to all other medical and ‘alternative’ therapies, even though, in many cases, it is much more successful and efficient. After therapy, you should not discontinue the medication or other treatments or medical procedures prescribed by your doctor. Only a biomedical check-up can confirm improvement and make further decisions in conjunction with the patient about continuing or discontinuing conventional medical treatment.

With groups of people, energy potentials multiply and “share” automatically. When in a group, it is easier to observe improvement during the therapy itself. It is also easier to exchange experiences. Group dynamics are an essential part of the subconscious work.

No! A natural energy process cannot be harmful in itself. Biotherapy is a noninvasive treatment without side-effects.

Yes, a diagnosis is necessary from a doctor. We do not diagnose.

No special preparation is needed. It is advisable to come at least 15 minutes before the beginning of therapy. It is desirable to free yourself from as many commitments as possible during the therapy days. Strong reactions during therapy are possible which can interfere with our everyday activities. It can be detrimental to the therapy if we are forced to rush off somewhere, or if we are not totally committed to the therapeutic process. Therapy cannot be beneficial if we are feeling pressured.

Depending on the individual, what is felt ranges from very powerful sensations to no sensation at all. Some people feel a tingling, burning or prickling sensation, coldness, draft, pressure, momentary relief, fatigue or drowsiness, uncontrollable laughter or crying, a floating sensation in the extremities, body movement, dizziness or vertigo. Whether or not a patient feels something during therapy, is not an indication of the success of the therapy, because everybody is unique and therefore they react in unique ways.

No, only a medical specialist can decide about discontinuing the medication. 

After 15 to 30 days, depending on the condition treated, one can expect results that can be objectively measured by means of clinical medicine. Sometimes in the first 15 days after therapy symptoms increase, or a sudden deterioration occurs, which is a crisis that signifies a strong bodily reaction to the intensified activities of a regenerated immune system.

Therapy can be repeated in consultation with a therapist and in accordance with other therapeutic forms that are applied.

Yes, but it is important for the patient to personally commit to the decision to stop drug or alcohol misuse.

All diseases can be treated successfully. With some diseases, the objective success will be complete recovery, while with others, symptoms of the disease will be alleviated, or the result will be greater independence for the patient or arrest the development of the disease, depending on a number of factors that are not directly related to Bioqr™ therapy. We don’t treat medical conditions with psychosis or contagious diseases.

Yes, except schizophrenia and other mental diseases with psychosis. Patients with mental diseases must be accompanied.

With genetic diseases, we can only maintain symptoms with treatments on a monthly or a bi-monthly basis.

Yes, children of any age can be treated.

Yes. If the patient is vulnerable or being cared for by somebody else, then they will need to be accompanied.

Yes, it is possible for educational or research purposes and if you accompany someone else for some objective medical reason.

There is no price enforced for the therapy. At the end of the therapy session, an anonymous donation is made to the therapist.


Bioqr™ therapy is not based around the traditional concepts of the Life Force or Life energy like Qi or Prana. These concepts belong to Vitalism which was dropped in biology almost 100 years ago. Traditional concepts of the Life Force don’t have any scientific evidence to support its existence. Also, modern biophysics, biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and genetics operate in a realm of the modern understanding of the world which is evidence-based knowledge. Qi, Prana, Pneuma and Life Force are spiritual concepts that are not biological or physical. The etymology of the words Qi, Prana, and Spirit is the same, the breath. 

No, we are based on a very modern approach to bioenergy therapy. Chakras and Auras don’t exist in a biological realm. They are only interesting mental concepts developed as a part of the New Age movement. To put it in a simple way, there is no Chakra and Aura as physical entities. They are just concepts.

Nothing in the classical sense where the healer is considered to be more spiritual than others. Medicine is a science of the mind, body and social well-being. Spirituality is a concept of the world that has many different faces and understandings. Medicine and spirituality are two completely different subjects. In some special cases, spiritual thinking can be beneficial for the patients, for example in hospice, pain management, palliative care, psychological work, etc.

No, this is a misconception that has roots in spiritism and animism. Energy is not bad or good. Energy is benevolent. Sometimes people use the word “energy” to express emotional states which are purely subjective and have nothing to do with term energy in modern physics.

Nothing, it is another misconception where a few psychological phenomena were thought to be the sixth sense. Unfortunately, humans don’t have magneto-receptors and electro-receptors beyond 5 senses which are developed due to our evolutionary needs to protect and survive.

No, anyone can do energy therapy. Healing is not a supernatural ‘special power’ that somebody possesses, but an application of knowledge and skills.