Amy Dishion

Amy Dishion Biotherapy Testimonial Photo

I have seen great results from the biotherapy I received from Laura Segle. I suffered from infertility and was seeing a medical specialist for allopathic interventions. During the diagnostic phase of my infertility treatment, the physician became concerned that I may have scar tissue in my uterus, which could require surgery to correct. I underwent […]

Suratwadee Lakornwong Jay

Suratwadee Lakornwong Jay Testimonial Photo

I have rheumatoid arthritis for 2 years now. I experienced chronic pain in the joints. It’s disappearing and reappearing pain. I took biotherapy treatments for almost one year. My joints are less painful. I can see very good results. My overall health also improved. I’m very happy because the doctor lowered the medication dose. I’m […]

Ana Vugrinec

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A girl at the age of 10 admitted to the cardiology department for recurrent presyncope. The first occurrence of presyncope was for three days and as part of a respiratory infection. Three weeks later, the presyncope reappears to a much greater extent. The girl at home and in the course of hospitalization on several occasions […]

Ivana Anušić

Ivana Anušić Testimonial Profile Photo

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009 in May. During my stay at the hospital, my doctors took an MRI scan and a spinal puncture that confirmed multiple sclerosis. My MRI scan at the time was very bad and the symptoms of the disease were also very pronounced. I felt constant fatigue, had difficulty […]

Branko Milovanović

Branko Milovanović testimonial photo

After only a few biotherapy sessions at a distance, from Thailand to Bali, my doctor was surprised by the speed of my recovery, moving, walking and wound healing. Big thanks to Ivan Roca and Biotherapy Asia. Next week I will be in the water to teach new diving courses.

Siniša Juričić

Siniša Juričić testimonial photo

I had a chronical problem with my stomach that was manifested in occasional problems with swallowing and I was undergoing thorough examinations in the hospital for a couple of weeks. IN the middle of that I had gone through distance healing by Ivan and my results came out a lot improved. Since then these chronic […]

My Lam

Human lungs illustration of the testimonial

I have been suffering from NSIP for four years, with IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis). It changed my life dramatically as I could not walk up the stairs or travel on the airplane because of this condition. I cough often and I have difficulty breathing normally. I need oxygen time after time. And I had been […]

Natalie Lam Wan

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I was suffering from eczema for over 15 years and I was having Western medicine trying so many kinds of Chinese medicine and those kinds of method that makes me feel hopeless. after two cycles of biotherapy treatment, I can feel that my body is coming more energy and my eczema was being less reddish […]