Jodi Stojic

Jodi Stojic Biotherapy Testimonial Profile Pciture

I had been going to the gym for over 5 years, 4-5 times a week, and very active outdoors. I also worked 10 hour days at a computer with intense work, so much so that my neck and shoulder began to feel tingly, weak, and causing me pain 24 hours a day. So, I stopped […]

Kate Le daughter Na

Na Eczema Testimonial Vietnam Profile Photo

My name is Kate Le, a 38 years old mom of an 8-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son. Na was diagnosed with eczema when she was 4.5 years old. We tried both conventional and traditional medicine but the condition remained unchanged. One of the reasons we know that she was pretty young and playful so she […]

Amy Dishion

Amy Dishion Biotherapy Testimonial Photo

I have seen great results from the biotherapy I received from Laura Segle. I suffered from infertility and was seeing a medical specialist for allopathic interventions. During the diagnostic phase of my infertility treatment, the physician became concerned that I may have scar tissue in my uterus, which could require surgery to correct. I underwent […]

Suratwadee Lakornwong Jay

Suratwadee Lakornwong Jay Testimonial Photo

I have rheumatoid arthritis for 2 years now. I experienced chronic pain in the joints. It’s disappearing and reappearing pain. I took biotherapy treatments for almost one year. My joints are less painful. I can see very good results. My overall health also improved. I’m very happy because the doctor lowered the medication dose. I’m […]

Ana Vugrinec

Ana Vugrinec Testimonial Profile photo

A girl at the age of 10 admitted to the cardiology department for recurrent presyncope. The first occurrence of presyncope was for three days and as part of a respiratory infection. Three weeks later, the presyncope reappears to a much greater extent. The girl at home and in the course of hospitalization on several occasions […]

Ivana Anušić

Ivana Anušić Testimonial Profile Photo

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009 in May. During my stay at the hospital, my doctors took an MRI scan and a spinal puncture that confirmed multiple sclerosis. My MRI scan at the time was very bad and the symptoms of the disease were also very pronounced. I felt constant fatigue, had difficulty […]

Branko Milovanović

Branko Milovanović testimonial photo

After only a few biotherapy sessions at a distance, from Thailand to Bali, my doctor was surprised by the speed of my recovery, moving, walking and wound healing. Big thanks to Ivan Roca and Biotherapy Asia. Next week I will be in the water to teach new diving courses.

Siniša Juričić

Siniša Juričić testimonial photo

I had a chronical problem with my stomach that was manifested in occasional problems with swallowing and I was undergoing thorough examinations in the hospital for a couple of weeks. IN the middle of that I had gone through distance healing by Ivan and my results came out a lot improved. Since then these chronic […]

My Lam

Human lungs illustration of the testimonial

I have been suffering from NSIP for four years, with IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis). It changed my life dramatically as I could not walk up the stairs or travel on the airplane because of this condition. I cough often and I have difficulty breathing normally. I need oxygen time after time. And I had been […]