Borna Klobučar

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About a month ago, I contacted Ivan Roca and described my problem. I felt permanent pain starting from my back and extending through my left leg to the soles of my feet. I felt a tingling, hot soles, and weakness in my leg. Since I had a lumbar vertebral fracture about ten years ago, Ivan […]

Annie Owyong

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I caught Covid over the mother’s day weekend. Found myself with a cough, bouts of fever, headache, and feeling weak. I knew that Bertrand was a Bioqr therapist who has experience treating patients via distance treatment which was suitable for me since I was doing my quarantine. He treated me twice a day over two […]


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My name is S. S from Croatia. Last year 20.10.2020. I got Covid-19. The illness was a severe, fifteen-day, and 24-hour constant struggle with fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, insomnia, loss of appetite, great weakness… During the illness, I learned from a friend (who selflessly delivered food to me and in some way took care […]

Katrina Yuen

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My dog had injured her spine and was in such excruciating pain she could not even stand at times. The vet said if her condition did not improve in three days’ time, she would need to be sedated for an MRI and possibly undergo spinal surgery. Since Bioqr™ Therapy has helped me a lot with […]

Stina Haldorsen

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After a few months of going from one specialist to another, I was finally diagnosed with a large Paraganglioma in my neck. A rare, usually benign tumor but has characteristics that make patients suffer a great deal. CT scans showed it had wrapped itself tightly around the main artery to the brain and the artery […]

Marija Šaban

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Three weeks ago, my 75 years old mother Marija Šaban got sick of COVID-19 and I myself had to be in self-isolation. My cousin, Tihana Ceković as a student of Module A, immediately contacted Mrs. Andrea Horvatić and my mother agreed to start with distance Bioqr™ Therapy. During the period of the first three days, […]


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When I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer, I started chemotherapy right away and added regular Bioqr™ Therapy sessions to help recovering from the side effects of the intense treatment. I had sessions with Charmaine after each chemo cycle; whenever she was concentrating on my cervix and neck (where the largest tumors were), my […]

Aye Minn Aung

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This is my testimonial for covid treatment that you treated me. I had a condition of post-Covid in early August 2021. I was treated by Sifu Bertrand Lim from 6th August 2021 to 9th August 2021. Before the treatment, I was weak, dizzy, and heavy. After 4 treatments, my condition was better, light, and I […]

Anonymous Patient

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On the 3rd of Oct, I was feeling unwell and after seeing the doctor, was officially diagnosed with Covid-19 on the 4th Oct 2021 and was given an isolation order. I started to get Bioqr™ Therapy treatment from Sifu Bertrand Lim on the 8th Oct 2021. Before the treatment, I had a general feeling of […]

Jack Segle

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Six years ago I was having epileptic grand mal seizures. I had been controlling the seizures with cannabis oil but still having seizures. A friend/angel called me from Bangkok and offered to introduce me to Ivan Roca, whom she claimed could heal my epilepsy using distance therapy between him in Bangkok and me being in […]