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Eileen Wolfe biotherapist group therapy photo

Eileen Wolfe

Biotherapy Asia Ltd. Co.




My interest in Bioqr therapy began with my desire to heal my own body. After my initial treatment with Ivan in November of 2014, I quickly saw the benefits of this treatment for me personally. After experiencing the difference I wanted to learn more about the science and history behind Bioqr therapy and endeavor to learn how to perform this type of therapy myself. I was surprised to realize that even with my initial limited knowledge of anatomy and physiology, I was quite easily able to learn how to perform this type of therapy. I was able to quickly grasp the key concepts and foundational structure of the treatment. It is clear that the training doesn’t end with the course, because the course provides the foundational structure upon which a trainee can build through individual practice, investigation, and exploration. Ivan provides the resources, tools and his own wisdom in this field as a catalyst for your own self-construction as a therapist. The most important thing I learned from this course is to have the courage to follow my own path. In following my own path, I am rejuvenated and motivated to dive deeper into the resources provided and practice at my own pace.

Eliott Wolfe bioherapist Photo

Eliott Wolfe

Biotherapy Asia Ltd. Co.




To learn the technology was really simple but to go really into the depth of yourself and grow in that way and to realize that there is so much change that can be done in terms of yourself and knowing yourself. The training really emphasized what I felt when I went through the actual therapy work which was a real shift in terms of my outlook and the direction I wanted to go in life.

Poy Isaraporn Wongpanya Portrait

Isaraporn Wongpanya

Biotherapy Asia Ltd. Co.




From my own experience. I was so sick before and I got Bioqr™ treatment. I was interested in this method so I studied it. Now I become to be a Bioqr™ therapist. I give people
treatment and my body gets healthier at the same time. I want everybody to get benefits like me. I can see it’s powerful to treat any kind of illness.

Nina Nawaporn Kitbumrung biotherapist photo

Nina Nawaporn Kitbumrung





From my own experience with pituitary gland brain tumors, I found Bioqr Therapy is a fair innovative integrated solution for sustainable health. And I am so confident in this that I want to make this approach available to people who suffer from illness.

Veljko Jurki Portrait

Veljko Jurki

Jurki - Complementary Therapies




We who deal with rehabilitation, therapeutic work, and work with patients in any form are looking for methods that will quickly, efficiently, and without harm lead to satisfactory results. Bioqr Therapy is one of those simple, gentle, unobtrusive methods that give such, sometimes unexpectedly, positive results.
Me and Ivan Roca crossed paths through Bioqr Therapy. Since the very beginning of our cooperation, Bioqr Therapy has been a bridge between the allopathic and holistic approaches for me.
I have been doing physiotherapy for thirty years and Bioqr Therapy for the last fifteen. I have integrated Bioqr Therapy into my work for the previous ten years. Since then, I have been using it daily with acupuncture, mobilizations, manipulations, and massage. It completes the whole and contributes to rehabilitation at the primary level, where it supports healing, reduces pain, and restores the feeling that the process is not only purely mechanical but that a part of the personality is involved.
It brings a new dimension to our work, which becomes more intimate and humane. It serves as a trigger for curiosity and learning, asking questions, and opening up new topics not only in the field of medicine, rehabilitation, and therapy but also in the field of personal development.

Vivian Guan biotherapist photo

Vivian Guan

Biotherapy Asia Ltd. Co.




The beauty of life lies in uncertainties and surprises. Becoming a Bioqr therapist is one of the best!

Being a yoga teacher for 10 years, mainly working with cancer patients, and also people from all walks of life suffering in different dimensions, healing became my interest and drive for learning.

I came to know a little bit about Bioqr Therapy and Ivan a few years ago when Ivan came to Hong Kong Cancer Fund to work with our cancer patients. In early 2018, the Module A course of Bioqr therapy was offered in Hong Kong, and thanks to Mona I had a chance to take the course. It was an eye-opening experience to understand the disease, health, and life on a much deeper and holistic level. I realized that Bioqr Therapy is not the kind of energy healing we know in a general sense, it is a medical/clinical treatment for physical diseases using natural bioenergy that everyone has. It is like a revolutionary discovery about a function that I didn’t know about my body. And the question is how much more we don’t know about ourselves and how much more we could learn about life and living?!

I really appreciate his enthusiasm and effort from Ivan to make the learning of this abundant and in-depth knowledge in a very systematic and logical way that is easy to understand and joyful to learn. And the support from the Biotherapy Asia team is truly wonderful.

Later I joined Module B when it is available in Hong Kong. It taps into the more advanced science and technology aspects and skills of Bioqr therapy and healing. We learned about how to conduct distant therapy, and medical psychology of group therapy, the ethics and practices of becoming a Bioqr therapist, and so much more. Again, it opens a different dimension of understanding of how life and this universe work and makes me more curious to explore and experience its possibilities.

To me, the whole system of Bioqr therapy is a reflection of humanity in a practical, but at the same time, artistic way. And the effectiveness of the healing is not only happening in the physical body, it is in the process of the experience of therapy as well, which is weaved deeply into the fabrication of life itself. Ivan has been insisting the therapy shall always be donation-based. It is not to join the fashion of charity work (even though charity work is a great part of the therapy work), but it is to allow people to do what they need to do and what they are able to do. And more importantly, it is to take away the root cause of the major misunderstanding today in society – that everything could come at a price – yet, we all know that health and life can not.

Learning about therapy is the first step, and becoming a therapist requires a lot more – to learn pathology, anatomy, medical psychology, and everything about life and living. In the beginning, no matter how much I learned, I didn’t feel confident to actually start conducting the therapy. But Ivan and the experienced therapist team have always been very encouraging and supportive to let me practice, and I learned so much more through practicing and mistakes. Later I realized that what I need is not confidence, what I need is to keep learning and practicing. The logic and the movement of the therapy slowly become muscle memory in my body. And it becomes a journey of continuous learning and exploring, which is fascinating.

And I have to say that the great reward of being a therapist is hearing the results from the ones being treated – the pain is reduced or gone, can do or eat things they can not touch before, the skin is not irritating anymore, the blood count is back to normal, the chemo is easier to cope with, or even to experience a normal day that everyone else is experiencing, but he/she could not because of the condition. It makes a difference in people’s daily life, and if we like to talk about the “positive influence on society”, this would be a great way to do it.

I am truly grateful to Ivan for sharing the knowledge and guiding me on the way to learning and growing to be a Bioqr therapist. It is an honor and blessing. A heartfelt thank you is not enough to express my gratitude. I will express it in my practice and work.

Generation 2022

Certified Therapists 1

Agnes Seelinger Lahirle



Hong Kong SAR China

I’m Agnes Lahirle and I’ve been living in Asia for 27 years.
I’m a person who is very curious and also artistic. I’ve got a pretty challenging life regarding my health and my kid’s health too.
So I was always looking for a new approach on how to help and support my health and my kid’s health. I was aware of Bioqr Therapy by a person who have also some different allergies. Allergies were my nightmares. So I went to contact Ivan Roca and I was totally amazed by this technique.

I want to continue the Bioqr Therapy because each time I have results, or exactly the persons who contact me for treatments are amazed by the results and they send me new people.

Certified Therapists 2

Andrea Horvatić




I work with children as a speech and language therapist and in my work, I don’t just deal with speech and language pathology, but also I have to go deep into a child’s psyche. Somehow I was always drawn to „other“ healing modalities because I could feel something in allopathic medicine was missing. The only way to have results is to understand a child as a whole, a being with great imagination and creativity, but also to recognize all of its social, psychological, and emotional aspects.

I found out that Bioqr group therapy was being held near my office, and as my sons had some medical issues, it was logical to explore this. It wasn’t really clear to me what it was all about. Later I found out about a course, so I took it. I had never realized I would learn not only medical science but also physics, philosophy, and art behind it. Before the course, I thought this method has surely something to do with spirituality, but as I got to know it, the new worlds were revealed to me. I realized there were so many pathways permeating and connecting my work and my life with Bioqr. It was the answer I was looking for, and I wanted to pursue it. The amount of literature and resources we were provided to explore after Module A and B was overwhelming.

Unfortunately, people were so hesitant to participate in Bioqr Therapy, so I wasn’t able to give too many treatments. I was so happy to meet Tihana Ceković, another Bioqr Therapist, who had the same doubts, aspirations, and enthusiasm about Bioqr as me. As she opened a small company Anahit (that promotes Bioqr), soon she very bravely organized a group treatment, and I became a permanent team member. Now I have an opportunity to practice and explore Bioqr Therapy even more.

It seems to me that people are still so much disconnected from their dreams, emotions, and own capabilities. They are always searching for the unknown and the supernatural, they are looking for answers outside of themselves. And what is more natural than your own body, and your own energy? For me, Bioqr Therapy is a method that is a part of the human body, of our universe. The question that always remains is how much we know ourselves. I am willing to continue with this search. Thank you!

Andrea Kirincic Profile Photo

Andrea Kirinčić




My name is Andrea, I’m from Croatia, living in Canada since 2015. I’m a journalist, curious to integrate Bioqr practices into my life and the lives of the people around me. A desire to develop a richer relationship with myself and the people around me.

My mom had brain cancer and I wanted to help her heal. I choose Bioqr Therapy because it is amazing and transformative. Ivan Roca has a huge knowledge to pass it on with such ease. It is a really valuable and powerful tool, there is so much I gain from Bioqr Therapy, it’s a blessing.

Why would you continue doing Bioqr Therapy? To be more connected with me and others, to empower others, to share it with others who need it.

Certified Therapists 3

Ivan Del Campo Duenas




My name is IVAN DEL CAMPO, 42 years old from CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA. I’ve been working as a professional musician for the last 24 years and studying and teaching different martial arts for more than 30 years.

As a practitioner of martial arts, I was involved with the concept of energy from a very young age, having the opportunity to learn disciplines such as acupuncture, acupressure, Qigong, Reiki, etc, bringing on me the desire to be able to help people with the health disorders, and in my constant search for the best approach, I had the fortune to meet Ivan Roca and the Bioqr Therapy team.

Five years ago, I found the information about Bioqr Therapy by Ivan Roca. Due to the effect that had on some people, I decided to give it a try. I flew from Shanghai to Hong Kong to do Module A and the experience was amazing. Everything that I thought was possible but never really experience before with other methods, happened in that module and its serious and scientific approach of Ivan made me understand that this is something I want to be part of and I was right. After finishing my first module, I went back to Shanghai and immediately started to apply what I learned which led to having amazing positive results in many of the people I treated till nowadays.
I’m happy to be part of the Bioqr team, because it is an amazing community of super nice people, under a great mentor and friends who are always looking for the best and most effective approach to help people. Because that’s what we do, we help people and that makes us better human beings.

Certified Therapists 4

Jack Segle




To tell a bit about myself, I have been an adventurer/traveler from birth, always interested in that greener grass on the other side of the fence. I have always been driven by beauty. It can come in many forms, from nature we can appreciate the physical beauty of all things living, flora and fauna, the crystally clear voice of a singer, or the sultry eyes of a beauty queen is another example. The beauty that impresses me the most is the beauty of a kind human heart. At this point in my life, I am appreciative of beauty in all its forms…

I was first led to Bioqr Therapy through life and death circumstances. My particular problems were grand mal seizures occurring frequently. When Ivan Roca was first suggested to me, I was skeptical and naive to the mechanisms involved but after giving in, purely due to a whim, the results were immediate and life-changing. Since those times, the importance of healing those in need has become an obsession somewhat and that will continue as long as there are those in need.

Certified Therapists 5

Jane Dionela Tambagahan

The Philippines

The Philippines

Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat

My name is Jane D. Tambagahan. I’m from The Philippines. I was working in Hong Kong for 8 years when I heard about Bioqr Therapy from another friend of mine who also worked in Hong Kong. I have always been interested in medicine I even took up massage therapy and aromatherapy when I was studying for diploma certification. I first saw the treatment video even for chronic illness and I was truly amazed by the possibilities that Bioqr Therapy can offer. So, I decided to inquire and know a little bit more. I became even more eager to understand that I decided to take up the course hoping to one day become a certified therapist.

I have decided to dedicate myself to the practice of Bioqr Therapy because I have found meaning in my life by helping my family, friends, and even strangers to get better. I know that continuing to work on my skills and gaining knowledge about the different ways of treatment will further my abilities. I’m very grateful to Sir Ivan Roca and the Bioqr community for having my back and guiding me to achieve my goal and that is to help everyone healthy and happy.

Certified Therapists 6

Jill Kelsey




I have always been drawn to helping others on their healing journeys.  Witnessing positive transformation in an individual brings me so much joy. I appreciate every moment that I have the chance to work with an individual on their way to a more healthful and inspired life.

While I was living in Hong Kong, I discovered Bioqr Therapy while specifically seeking a course related to energy therapy. Much to my surprise, in addition to gaining in-depth quality instruction in Bioqr Therapy, I gained a family of some of the most inspiring and caring people I have ever encountered. My impression of what medical therapy is and what it can be completely transformed.

In healthcare, results matter. The amazing results I have seen with Bioqr Therapy are far greater than I ever anticipated. I support it fully.

Mona Choi portrait

Mona Choi 蔡雅玲

Hong Kong SAR China

Hong Kong SAR China

Hong Kong SAR China

I am a holistic massage therapist and have worked in the field for some 10 years. Thankfully, I am coming from a Chinese community where we embrace a wide range of wellness tools for keeping good health, so I did not find alternative healing modalities strange. And the more experience I have in meeting different people from all walks of life and being engaged in various discussions about health, self-care, wellness, and life as a whole, I found that health cannot be treated from one single perspective.

It is very certain to me that the wider we expand the spectrum of understanding health and balance at the mind, body, and soul level. The more we are able to upkeep our health like a great orchestra playing a song, the more skills and elements involved are put together in a harmonized way to the song can move everyone in the auditorium and create the power of healing music.

Very simple, result matters. Bioqr brings results. I am a fact-finding person and full of quests. What attracts me to Bioqr can be explained intellectually and energetically. Intellectually its comprehensive database, cause studies, testimonies, and experience speak for themselves. Bioqr is supported by scientific theories and is evidence-based emotionally or energetically, as a massage therapist, a mother, a wife, a family member, and a friend of others. Bioqr and their team of great people satisfy my curiosity about knowing how our body function in a sensible way. Sharing the same passion with and meeting like-minded people strengthens the confidence in our identities and our work as a whole.

Ngan Do Portrait Photo

Ngan Do



Ho Chi Minh

What impresses me the most is that Bioqr™ Therapy is considered a profound bridge of knowledge between the East and the West. While Eastern ancient wisdom masters the “What” and “How” in various phenomena, Bioqr™ Therapy can clarify the “Why” in a precise and scientific way.

For the first time, the Module A course introduced me to the term “autodidact,” which led me to discover Bioqr™ Therapy as an open gateway to knowledge in art, science, medicine, and well-being. This truly encourages individuals to seize the opportunity to transform their own life direction into areas they are passionate about. Nowadays, being an autodidact is the best way to acquire genuine knowledge.

Being a Bioqr™ Certified Therapist is a great opportunity for me to work with humans and all beings. Bringing Bioqr Therapy Asia to the world is my great pleasure.

Certified Therapists 7

Rezkyarti Agustarini




My name is Rezkyarti Agustarini. People call me Ukky. I’ve been interested in energy work since 2011 when at first I wanted to know about Self-Healing. I’m now working as a Therapist. I joined Module A in March 2017 and continued Module B in May 2017. Then I’ve been using the Bioqr method for most of my clients.

I knew Bioqr Therapy from Facebook and was amazed especially by the Psychokinesis, Ivan was performing. It’s such an amazing ability that we have but not all of us are aware of.

My late husband, Leo, was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) and at that time I was looking for a natural therapy that made sense for a newbie in energy healing. Bioqr Therapy was also a first-time experience for me in knowing how to feel the energy. Being with my husband who experienced his health problem and having to look after him encouraged me to take a closer look at Bioqr. So I registered for the introduction seminar and brought in my family members and myself for Group Therapy. During the session, Ivan shared a lot of information; about how we all have the ability to treat our own bodies with a good immune system to enhance our health. It was also getting along with my own research about the cause of cancer, which is commonly caused by poor immunity.

After that, I decided to join Ivan’s class for Module A in Jakarta. I was lucky to be able to continue with Module B which was held in Bali.

I did Bioqr Therapy to maintain my husband’s health every 3 weeks especially when some of his lymph nodes were swollen. Each cycle helped him a lot and supported the quality of his days. Although unfortunately he finally had to go, it was such a blessing to have known Bioqr’s ability to help ease his pain in his sickness. My deep appreciation to Ivan for reaching out to Distant Healing before his last minutes.

Since my husband’s passing, I decided to dedicate myself, with my fellows and colleagues from the course, James and Prayudy to continue the work with Bioqr in Jakarta, Indonesia. We do sessions in Group Therapy with our Clients and Distant Healings too.

I have a strong belief that if a dis-ease could exist, so does it has the ability to ‘exit’ from our body and maintain a good quality of life with our own capability. I find Bioqr as a great method to practice for our health, particularly to stimulate our immune system, besides having a healthy lifestyle. It works wonders with the current Covid-19 condition and was a great help to many clients in increasing their body defense system.
It’s very powerful to use for our own family, and friends and furthermore would be my contribution to help a lot of people with their various health issues.

Charmaine So portrait

So Chi Man Charmaine 蘇芷雯

Hong Kong SAR China

Hong Kong SAR China

Hong Kong SAR China

I am Charmaine and I love cooking, reading and all things health-related. I grew up in Vancouver and have been back living in Hong Kong since 2005. I have taken an interest in holistic health and well-being because I have always had various health problems, even though I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle and following what the doctors told me to do. It was only in recent years that I explored deeper into alternative medicines and the connection between the mind and the body. I now understand that health does not only equate to my physical body but I also need to tend to my mental, emotional and spiritual health.

My first Bioqr Therapy session was in December 2018 and it was quite surreal to me. I have heard about Biotherapy for many years, but I have never taken the time to find out what it is about. My health has not always been the best and starting in 2015, I noticed a significant shift in my health. I was experiencing various health symptoms such as unexplained vomiting, loss of sense of smell, brain fog, and low energy level, just to name a few. I tried many things to improve my health and I felt I needed to do something different since whatever I was doing was not working.

Since my first session in Dec 2018, I continued with Bioqr for the following 8 months and all my health symptoms went away. I started to feel a difference about 4 months into Bioqr Therapy. My sense of smell came back gradually and my stomach problems slowly went away. I was sleeping much better, having deeper and uninterrupted sleep so my energy level has also gone up! I am so amazed at how this has changed my life and completed the Bioqr modules to become a therapist myself.  I am grateful that I came across Ivan and his team and am really happy that I am not part of the Bioqr team!

Experiencing and learning Bioqr led me to find my purpose in life. I never thought my interests in the human mind and body can be turned into a potential career. After taking Module A, I decided to study to become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach so that I can understand health in a more holistic and natural way. I now combine health coaching and Bioqr therapy in my practice. Seeing the results that my clients get is very empowering and hopeful. Even if it’s just slight improvements in their health, I am helping my clients to see that they are not defined by their illnesses.

The Bioqr community provides a supportive platform for like-minded people to share, educate and learn. I believe that people in this community all have the purpose of wanting to help others in some way and to change people’s lives for the better. We are a group of compassionate and empathetic people who support each other in an open and safe environment. Bioqr Therapy is still a very young concept and needs a lot of education and awareness. I believe this community can help push this alternative treatment forward. It will be a challenge but I know that with more scientific research and backups, Bioqr Therapy and energy medicine as a whole will gain more traction in the medical/health realm.

Certified Therapists 8

Tihana Ceković




Visiting Thailand in 2019 and Ivan Roca’s Bioqr course inspired me so much that I decided to change my life and open a small company, to be my own boss and have complete freedom to decide what, when, where, and with whom to work.

I will skip the description of my life when everything was according to the rules and on time … primary school … university, first job … tenth job. I am a geography teacher, so most of my work experience was in a classroom. I have also worked in the field of environmental protection for a number of years.

In 2017 I started researching what could help me to improve my health. Among many methods, I found the strange one, waving with hands around the person. I was intrigued and I wanted to know more about its mechanism. Ivan Roca, a Bioqr expert, and my friend from a primary school lived in Thailand at the time, so I enrolled in Module A delivered by his students in the center in Zagreb. As I don’t have a medical background, I found Module A challenging.

In April 2019, Ivan Roca invited all of his students and therapists from Croatia to Thailand, to celebrate 5-year anniversary of his work in Asia. I participated in that event and I was surprised by how much I liked Thailand. The most beautiful thing was to see so many smiles on faces around me. In November 2019 I returned to Thailand to repeat Module A with Ivan, and to find out why Thailand had such a magnificent influence on me. I’ve even considered getting a job there.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted my plans for moving to Thailand. I continued with my life in Zagreb (Croatia). My job was very stressful and unmotivating and in April 2021 I decided to change my life and my career path, so I resigned. After that, many great things happened and wonderful new people came into my life.

One of the wonderful people who came into my life is Andrea Horvatić, an experienced and passionate Bioqr therapist. Andrea also conducted a distant therapy for my aunt and friend who had COVID-19. In July 2021 I finished Module B and had aha Bioqr moments. When I met Andrea we dreamed about how it would be nice to organize group treatments. With support and training from Ivan Roca, that dream became reality.

I registered my small company “Anahit” in January 2022, overcame all obstacles, and organized the first group treatment in Zagreb in April 2022, in accordance with epidemiological measures. The stage for Bioqr group treatment in Croatia is set. Andrea became a permanent member of the Anahit team for group treatment and other therapists are welcome to join us.

I will continue dancing to my rhythm.

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by ivan roca


Bioqr™ is bioenergy-assisted immune treatment. A therapist uses his own bio-electromagnetic field to stimulate the patient’s immune system in a nonspecific and specific way. The stimulated immune system responds and “heals” the patient.

Bioqr™ therapy is a bioenergy treatment first developed in Eastern-Europe in the late 1960s as a modern, secular approach to traditional hands-on healing methods with biological and physical reasoning. Later, the method crossed Eastern-Europe to ex-Yugoslavia in the late 1970s’ where it has merged with similar methodologies and has been researched and applied as a complementary medical intervention. The founder of Biotherapy Asia, Ivan Roca, adapted these methodologies and cleared it from the folklore and unnecessary procedures, techniques, and philosophies. Bioqr™ method is a purely medical, highly structured bioenergy system that can be easily applied in a clinical or non-formal environment. The name of the method is Bioqr™ – Human Bioenergy Therapy.

Bioenergy is the energy dynamic observed within living organisms. Also, it is a scientific name that tries to encompass a very broad interdisciplinary area of research into the energy of a living organism. “Bios” is an Ancient Greek word meaning life, and energy is another Ancient Greek word, meaning activity, but here it signifies potential and possibility. Bioenergy has nothing to do with concepts like bioplasma, Chi, Qi, Ki, Prana, Universal energy, Life energy or Orgon.

Yes, with an electromyography device (EMG).

EMG is an electrodiagnostic medicine technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. EMG is performed using an instrument called an electromyograph to produce a record called an electromyogram. An electromyograph detects the electric potential generated by muscle cells when these cells are electrically or neurologically activated.

No. The therapy is successful even if a person does not believe in the biological effect of the immune system stimulation with the human bioenergy field, which is a result of ignorance and a lack of information.

The body response does not depend on our beliefs. It is an automatic and autonomic biological process.

A Bioqr™ therapist uses different hand positions and movements in combination with muscular tension and/or relaxation to stimulate the recipient’s immune system for his/her specific medical condition. Human endogenous bio-electromagnetic radiation interferes with the bioenergy processes of a diseased person to alter the metabolism and cause a body shock response that triggers the immune system activation in a specific and non-specific way.
Every movement has a different energetic signature so that the biotherapist can trigger an immune response in different tissues for different purposes. Immune response due to a “shock” to maintain homeostasis (check danger model of the immune system from Dr. Polly Matzinger), stimulates natural defenses.

A therapist uses muscular tension and relaxation to consciously send bioelectrical signaling (active potentials) of a higher or lower electromagnetic radiation intensity into the area of the hands. Propagation of the action potentials in the nerves and muscles produces a bio-electromagnetic field that radiates outside of the human body.

All the ‘manipulation’ processes occur automatically which is a completely natural process that is constantly taking place, but most of the time we are not aware of it. Bioenergy therapy is the application of natural energy processes and laws for awakening your own immune defenses, which due to a disharmonious way of life or due to some other factors (genetics, environment, etc.) become weakened or stop functioning entirely.

Learn HERE more.

Bioenergetics is the part of biochemistry concerned with the energy involved in making and breaking of chemical bonds in the molecules found in biological organisms. It can also be defined as the study of energy relationships and energy transformations and transductions in living organisms. The ability to harness energy from a variety of metabolic pathways is a property of all living organisms. Growth, development, anabolism, and catabolism are some of the central processes in the study of biological organisms because the role of energy is fundamental to such biological processes. Life is dependent on energy transformations; living organisms survive because of the exchange of energy between living tissues/ cells and the outside environment.

The essence of the biofield perspective is that a variety of endogenously generated electromagnetic and other fields act within and between multiple levels of biology, from molecular and cellular, through tissues and whole organisms to affect our personal and perhaps even our interpersonal functioning. The human body is a biofield.

Biofield science is an emerging field of study that aims to provide a scientific foundation for understanding the complex homeodynamic regulation of living systems. By furthering our scientific knowledge of the biofield, we arrive at a better understanding of the foundations of biology as well as the phenomena that have been described as “energy medicine.”
Biotherapy is biofield therapy.

Yes, bioenergy/energy therapy is nowadays practiced throughout the world and is called biofield therapy. New approaches in scientific research are slowly revealing the possible mechanism of bioenergy therapy. Many hospitals and medical centers are slowly starting to integrate bioenergy therapy to complement and support conventional medicine.


No, Bioqr™ therapy is complementary and supplementary to all other medical and ‘alternative’ therapies, even though, in many cases, it is much more successful and efficient. After therapy, you should not discontinue the medication or other treatments or medical procedures prescribed by your doctor. Only a biomedical check-up can confirm improvement and make further decisions in conjunction with the patient about continuing or discontinuing conventional medical treatment.

With groups of people, energy potentials multiply and “share” automatically. When in a group, it is easier to observe improvement during the therapy itself. It is also easier to exchange experiences. Group dynamics are an essential part of the subconscious work.

No! A natural energy process cannot be harmful in itself. Biotherapy is a noninvasive treatment without side-effects.

Yes, a diagnosis is necessary from a doctor. We do not diagnose.

No special preparation is needed. It is advisable to come at least 15 minutes before the beginning of therapy. It is desirable to free yourself from as many commitments as possible during the therapy days. Strong reactions during therapy are possible which can interfere with our everyday activities. It can be detrimental to the therapy if we are forced to rush off somewhere, or if we are not totally committed to the therapeutic process. Therapy cannot be beneficial if we are feeling pressured.

Depending on the individual, what is felt ranges from very powerful sensations to no sensation at all. Some people feel a tingling, burning or prickling sensation, coldness, draft, pressure, momentary relief, fatigue or drowsiness, uncontrollable laughter or crying, a floating sensation in the extremities, body movement, dizziness or vertigo. Whether or not a patient feels something during therapy, is not an indication of the success of the therapy, because everybody is unique and therefore they react in unique ways.

No, only a medical specialist can decide about discontinuing the medication. 

After 15 to 30 days, depending on the condition treated, one can expect results that can be objectively measured by means of clinical medicine. Sometimes in the first 15 days after therapy symptoms increase, or a sudden deterioration occurs, which is a crisis that signifies a strong bodily reaction to the intensified activities of a regenerated immune system.

Therapy can be repeated in consultation with a therapist and in accordance with other therapeutic forms that are applied.

Yes, but it is important for the patient to personally commit to the decision to stop drug or alcohol misuse.

All diseases can be treated successfully. With some diseases, the objective success will be complete recovery, while with others, symptoms of the disease will be alleviated, or the result will be greater independence for the patient or arrest the development of the disease, depending on a number of factors that are not directly related to Bioqr™ therapy. We don’t treat medical conditions with psychosis or contagious diseases.

Yes, except schizophrenia and other mental diseases with psychosis. Patients with mental diseases must be accompanied.

With genetic diseases, we can only maintain symptoms with treatments on a monthly or a bi-monthly basis.

Yes, children of any age can be treated.

Yes. If the patient is vulnerable or being cared for by somebody else, then they will need to be accompanied.

Yes, it is possible for educational or research purposes and if you accompany someone else for some objective medical reason.

There is no price enforced for the therapy. At the end of the therapy session, an anonymous donation is made to the therapist.


Bioqr™ therapy is not based around the traditional concepts of the Life Force or Life energy like Qi or Prana. These concepts belong to Vitalism which was dropped in biology almost 100 years ago. Traditional concepts of the Life Force don’t have any scientific evidence to support its existence. Also, modern biophysics, biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and genetics operate in a realm of the modern understanding of the world which is evidence-based knowledge. Qi, Prana, Pneuma and Life Force are spiritual concepts that are not biological or physical. The etymology of the words Qi, Prana, and Spirit is the same, the breath. 

No, we are based on a very modern approach to bioenergy therapy. Chakras and Auras don’t exist in a biological realm. They are only interesting mental concepts developed as a part of the New Age movement. To put it in a simple way, there is no Chakra and Aura as physical entities. They are just concepts.

Nothing in the classical sense where the healer is considered to be more spiritual than others. Medicine is a science of the mind, body and social well-being. Spirituality is a concept of the world that has many different faces and understandings. Medicine and spirituality are two completely different subjects. In some special cases, spiritual thinking can be beneficial for the patients, for example in hospice, pain management, palliative care, psychological work, etc.

No, this is a misconception that has roots in spiritism and animism. Energy is not bad or good. Energy is benevolent. Sometimes people use the word “energy” to express emotional states which are purely subjective and have nothing to do with term energy in modern physics.

Nothing, it is another misconception where a few psychological phenomena were thought to be the sixth sense. Unfortunately, humans don’t have magneto-receptors and electro-receptors beyond 5 senses which are developed due to our evolutionary needs to protect and survive.

No, anyone can do energy therapy. Healing is not a supernatural ‘special power’ that somebody possesses, but an application of knowledge and skills.